Now we are back from Barcelona, I am absolutely sure that out there in a parallel universe – somewhere to the East of the Planet Zog - there is a better and more professional Events Team than
yours. But I am also absolutely sure that one day I will see Elvis making love to Mother Theresa on the back of the Loch Ness Monster. Thanks for all
your talents and your skills but most of all for the joy and the fun.
— HR Director

Bilfinger GVA

For their first annual conference overseas, one of our long-standing clients needed a single event to cater for two different internal audiences, with a mini-conference for each group along with a combined social programme and final conference which brought together all 240 delegates. 

The Grand Marina Hotel on Barcelona’s waterfront was the chosen venue, and the Lemoncake Events team managed both groups through their business and social itineraries, including a spectacular cocktail reception and gala dinner which took place in one of the architect Antoni Gaudi’s unique and quirky buildings – Casa Batllo. 

Olympic Legend Sir Steve Redgrave gave a 40 minute motivational address with his Gold medals circulated around the audience and signed copies of his book distributed to each delegate on conference close. With the event concluding on a Friday, we also put a spouse programme into place, enabling partners to fly out to join delegates for an extended weekend.