Technology to Give Your Event the Fun Factor!

We love fun! Who doesn't? It’s a great way to enhance an event and make it a memorable occasion for delegates; it connects people, encourages interaction and leads to brand awareness though social media. Having taken a peek at what’s available in the market, we've put together a hand picked list of great technology that’s making injecting that all important fun factor into an event easier than ever before.

Awards and Rewards

We all recognise the value of Social media in our daily lives, and we thankfully also recognise that a live event provides the most effective platform for imparting feel-good factors to large groups with force, impact and – most importantly, memorability. 

6 Great Incentive Travel Destinations

When it comes to rewarding your team, it doesn't get much better than whisking them off to a spectacular destination for some sightseeing, 
thrill-seeking and some wonderful memories to reminisce on long after your return to the office. So, we chatted to our DMC partner Nikki Mitchell, to find out six of the most popular incentive travel destinations, and we’re delighted to be able to share them with you. 

Have You Considered Mobile Apps for Your Event?

‘Welcome and would you all mind turning your phones…..on!’

For many years one of the first things a conference host would say ‘please could everyone turn their mobile phones off’. However in the last couple of years we have noticed more and more developers creating exciting and innovative apps that actually encourage event organisers to use mobile devices to increase audience engagement and feedback...