Technology to Give Your Event the Fun Factor!

We love fun. Who doesn't? It’s a great way to enhance an event and make it a memorable occasion for delegates; it connects people, encourages interaction and helps immerse staff and customers into a brand.

Having taken a peek at what’s available in the market, we've put together a hand picked list of great technology that makes injecting that all important fun factor into an event easier than ever before.

Instagram Printers

Hailed as the next generation photo booth, the Instagram Printer has put a fresh twist on the traditional photo booth by enabling Instagram users to take photos on their own phone anywhere in the event space. They then simply add a specified event hashtag and their picture (with your branding) is printed out immediately and all they have to do is collect the picture. No more queues at the photo booth!


We love the Instagram Printers but for those of you who still love the idea of a traditional static photo booth we've got the solution for you! Superbooths Europe have revamped the traditional booth and brought it into the 21st century selfie generation. Now you can have a glamourous ornate mirror right up to an oversized iPhone booth, which can be customised and branded to suit your event. Superbooths Europe also provide a bespoke booth option offering anything form a christmas log cabin scene to a huge outdoor inflatable spider booth! Wherever your imagination takes you Superbooths Europe can do it.

The Catchbox

The Catchbox is a new fun way of passing a microphone that is sure to liven up any audience! The soft wireless microphone in the shape of a colourful cube allows a fast, simple and effective way of creating excitement and engagement when it comes to question time. Unlike wireless microphone apps the Catchbox is a clever reinvention of the regular microphone that requires little explaining as to how it works. Clever design has also made the Catchbox mute when being thrown (or dropped) avoiding unnecessary sounds.


Thinkwall is a nifty new way to display social media live. It can be used all, or in part to display Twitter, Instagram or as a full digital signage solution showing adverts to video clips. Thinkwall also provide an impressive real-time voting and Q&A option, allowing attendees to vote and ask questions with instant live results. Got an exciting announcement to make? Easy! Simply schedule one in to announce at the right time to make that all important impact. Thinkwall also offer customised branded design to fit within the environment and full filtering and moderation options.

Zygote Balls

Quite possibly the most fun item we’ve found! Zygote balls are (very) large, helium-filled, inflatable balls that respond to human interaction through touch. When tapped or bounced the Zygote ball changes colour as it floats about the crowd injecting energy, excitement and transforming the space into an ‘interactive playground’. The Zygote Balls can be branded, choreographed and even programmed for specific lighting patterns. Breaking social barriers, bringing people together and creating an unforgettable event are just some of the benefits of these interesting and unique inflatables.


Give delegates the chance to get creative and experience graffiti, but with a digital twist! YrWall is a large interactive screen that can be graffitied on with a modified spray paint can. With a large range of colours, fills, stencils, drips and customised options it’s just like real graffiti but without the mess! YrWall is a great way to entice audience participation and create a engaging interactive experience.

And theres more! The latest addition to YrWall is YrDesigner that includes the option to email your design and create personalised stickers, mugs, T-shirts and posters and share your masterpiece on social media.

The Big Freeze

Welcome to the world of 360 degree photos! Although this technology has been around for a while in the film and advertising industries and on the red carpets in the USA, it’s proving to be a great asset for the events industry too. The big freeze works like this, 43 (or so) cameras are integrated onto a 6m diameter frame and computer controlled to shoot at the same time, resulting in a 360 degree perspective in one shot. These clips can then be uploaded and shared across social media sites boosting the exposure of the event and raising brand awareness.