Getting the Most out of Motivational Speakers

Over the years Lemoncake has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of direct sales clients, whose conferences are renowned for high levels of motivation and delegate engagement. Much of this is delivered by staff themselves as they recall their own personal journeys in the company, their trials and tribulations and how ultimately they built a successful career.

These personal success stories are highly effective in motivating newer members of the company. But even direct selling companies will sometimes look to external speakers to provide new and innovative ways of motivating the audience. They bring stories from outside the business and a different perspective on what success can look like. 

When thinking about motivational speakers immediate thoughts are often of famous celebrities or sports heroes and their personal triumphs. But inspiration can be found in many other places and from many other walks of life.

A perfect example of this is Katie Piper. Lemoncake engaged Katie to speak at a national conference a couple of years ago. Katie was a TV presenter and model who was looking forward to a full time career in the media. Tragically in 2008 she had sulphuric acid thrown in her face in a revenge attack arranged by her ex-boyfriend. She then endured countless operations and skin grafts to try and rebuild her face. Her story, told with honesty and frankness is ultimately one of great courage and hope, and was seen as one of the highlights of the conference by many of the delegates.

In today's social media driven world the notion of celebrity has also changed. A few years ago there weren’t any ‘bloggers’ or ‘vloggers’ and yet now many of them have loyal followings that run into the millions. Many companies now use social media in both their internal and external communications. For many direct selling companies Facebook is used to share information and make connecting to the brand a richer experience. So it may also be worth exploring this idea of working with a blogger that is well known in your business sector to give a talk that is both relevant and interesting to your team. 

Many of the direct selling companies are based around the concept of successful female entrepreneurs. Sahar Hashimi, is famous for being the co founder of the chain Coffee Republic and has gone on to become a speaking ambassador for the Princes Trust. Her talks are based around her personal experience on topics such as innovation and entrepreneurship and Lemoncake has had great success utilising her over the last couple of years.

Ultimately the amount of money you spend on a speaker does not necessarily translate into how successful they will be  in motivating your audience. What does, is the time you and your event company invest in understanding your audience, working out what your messages are and then spending the time researching speakers who meet these criteria.

If you are considering putting on an event, not only can Lemoncake help with all the production and event management, but will work with you to find the right external speaker to really motivate every member of your audience and send them away on a high.