Have You Considered Mobile Apps for Your Event?

‘Welcome and would you all mind turning your phones…..on!’

For many years one of the first things a conference host would say ‘please could everyone turn their mobile phones off’. However in the last couple of years we have noticed more and more developers creating exciting and innovative apps that actually encourage event organisers to use mobile devices to increase audience engagement and feedback.

Here is a round up of some that caught our attention.

Glisser App

The team behind Glisser are on a quest to ‘socialise’ presentations in a revolutionary way.

This new app allows speakers and organisers to turn normal Powerpoint slides into engaging interactive presentations that improve audience engagement while collecting useful feedback and data. Glisser works by sharing slides in real time on users smartphones and tablets, allowing the audience to make notes, share them or save them for future reference electronically.

On of the things we particularly like about Glisser is that it allows the presenter to add social features including slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting, live audience questions, Twitter feeds, polling and feedback, allowing the audience to interact and voice their opinions during the presentation transforming the attendee into a real participant.

Crowd Mic App

Crowd mic is an app which allows the audience to transform their smart phones & tablets into live, wireless microphones that can be heard through the rooms sound system. Meaning no more 'pass the mic games'! Crowd mic also offers the option to text questions and post comments for those who aren’t too keen on public speaking, and has a simple and easy to use polling feature that enhances crowd interaction with presenters.

It works by having the presenter and the audience connected to the same wireless router using WiFi. The speaker plugs his or hers smartphone/tablet into the room’s sound system, creating a name and password for the audience to enter when the app is downloaded. When ready to use the audience simply tap there phone which sends the presenter the list of people who wish to talk. The presenter can then control who talks by allowing an individuals phone to be live or by muting others. We are not sure about the ‘open mic’ option were everyone can speak, but we love the idea of this app.


As the names suggests ‘Tweetwall’ is an interactive platform that allows tweets to be displayed in real time during an event, creating and driving audience engagement and generally creating a bit of a buzz!

Fully customisable, Tweetwall can be designed with company branding and built to display custom hashtags, keywords, phrases and select users. Great features include polls that allow users to vote, leaderboards that rank those engaged with the event by engagement, interactions or followers,  compatibility with Instagram that makes it easy to share videos & photos and analytics that keep track of volume and top influencers for future reference.

And for those that aren't at the event, Tweetwall gives the option to broadcast live to your company website and intranet, showing those who didn't attend just what there missing.


Doubledutch is an award-winning interactive mobile app that has been hailed as a must have addition to any event. With this app attendees can now walk into an event already fully equipped for the day ahead. No longer needing multiple papers this app combines everything a delegate would need from registration, session info, speaker bios, surveys, maps, sponsorship & networking opportunities and social media into the palm of their hand.

Great features include electronic agendas, that can be accessed at any time, updated when needed and personalised with a few simple taps, Surveys and polling that create real time results, instantly capturing opinions, easy to use maps and networking opportunities made simple with instant private messaging.

Doubledutch also enables badge scanning giving staff and exhibitors opportunities to connect with attendees and engage in conversation. But one of the best things about Doubledutch is that all the content is interactive, allowing attendees to check-in to a session, share photos, publish comments and ratings and participate in conversations.

This app is not only great for attendees but its is also proving a valuable tool for organisers, Doubledutch makes it possible to access live data that identifies popular - or unpopular - sessions, speakers and exhibitors, meaning no more post-event surveys!

If you would like more information about these apps please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 07721 849173