How Are You Branding Your next Event?

Organising an event can be a complex business, so it’s no surprise that event branding can sometimes become an overlooked element that is hastily put together at the last minute with the use of a few logos on roller banners or presentation slides. But branding is much more than just a logo or a conference theme – it’s a visual language that connects people on an emotional level, from the beginning of an event right until the end; creating a sense of togetherness, professionalism, pride and integrity in not only your delegates, but in sponsors, event partners and stakeholders.

When used to its full potential, branding can make an event a truly unforgettable experience – driving core messages, amplifying awareness, and generating that all important ‘buzz’ that wows attendees into taking action.

Here are just a few tips you might find helpful when branding your next event:

The Message

One of the first things to think about is the purpose of the event, and the message you want to convey – is it to increase brand exposure or raise awareness? Do you have a punchy and memorable title that can be used as the main theme running through all aspects of the event?  It’s important to think about this carefully as it will influence the overall look and feel of the event.  Once you have a clear idea of the message, you can create a cohesive and engaging story that will guide attendees through a meaningful and memorable event.


Consider the personality of your audience. Are they a party loving bunch or cool and collected? Taking time to consider this will help develop the overall style, language and imagery of the event – from choosing the right venue and location, right down to the guest speakers and entertainment – resulting in that all important personal connection.


Consistency is key. Every single piece of marketing material created for the event should speak the visual language of the brand.  This can quite simply be done by using your logo, font and colour scheme throughout the event to reflect the brand.

Where to Use Event Branding  

Event branding should take your delegates on a journey from the moment the event is announced, to well after its finished; generating awareness, inspiring, motivating, and leading them to take action. The three key areas to consider are:

Before the Event 

Branding can be used as an effective promotional tool to build anticipation, maximise awareness and increase ticket sales. Use branded promotional emails and teaser campaigns to excite and enthuse delegates, and consider creating an event website where delegates can register for the event and receive all important updates on the programme. Event branding can also be used effectively in social media campaigns such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

During the Event

It’s important that the set design and lighting reflect the branding, together with presentation slides, visuals/stings and video content. Creating an inspirational space will make your audience sit up and take notice!

Make the venue your own by using branded signage, banners, posters, registration points, attendee badges/lanyards, goody bags, giveaways, right down to branded uniforms for registration staff.  Branded food and beverage options are always a fun talking point too!  Continue to harness and brand social media throughout the event using event apps, specific hashtags, twitter walls, and even branded photo booths/ and Instagram printers.

After the Event

Good branding can continue the momentum way beyond the event and extend its longevity. Continue to use branding on thank you emails and gifts, delegate feedback forms, results and achievements, online photo galleries, and even follow up emails for future events.

There’s no doubt that from the lead up to the day of the event, a considered and cohesive approach to event branding is vital and guarantees every attendee a truly unforgettable experience.

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