The Secret of Question 9

Question 9? No, you haven’t missed anything. Well, yes, technically, there are 8 other questions which precede it, but Question 9 has become our question of choice – and the most telling of all the ones we might ask during an initial fact-find with clients. 

One of our greatest pleasures at Lemoncake is meeting prospective new clients. We thrive on the face-to-face interaction and the anticipated collaboration, generally emerging from these sessions having engaged in a fair exchange where a client’s insight is a beneficial trade-off for a spot of Lemoncake stimulus. 

Generally, the people we meet are also enthusiastic practitioners of live communications and the conversation flows, but once in a while we might find ourselves fact-finding with clients who might be new to the sector or are (how shall we say it?) a little less forthcoming in divulging information to us new-kids-on-the-block. 

To address just those circumstances, we’ve compiled a list of questions we can ask if a dialogue needs a spot of stimulation. Over time, we’ve fine-tuned them to just 10 short and gently interrogative questions, but time and again, we’ve been surprised that the most telling answers are generated by Question 9. 

So, what IS this Mysterious Question 9? Well, before we do the big reveal on that one, perhaps you’d be interested in what precedes it, as we think these may also prove helpful to others who find themselves in similar situations? 

Yes, you may find some of what follows to be mundane and basic, but please bear in mind that we talk to a wide and diverse range of communications commissioners, whose responses help in turn to fine-tune our responses into creative, effective and viable propositions. 

1. What type of events do you run? 

2. Who are your audiences? 

3. What are your biggest challenges? 

4. How are your events funded? 

5. Who makes the decision to proceed? 

6. How do you measure outcomes and ROI? 

7. Can you recall your Best Ever Event and why was it so? 

8. What are the 3 most important things you look for in a supplier/partner? 

9. Ah-ha! Sorry to annoy you, but we really do insist that the Big Question also doubles as our Grand Finale, away from which you are now not far away! 

10. What was your most recent event and how did it go? 

So, thanks for reading this far and here’s the Grand Finale, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the spotlit stage, the Question you’ve all been waiting for... please enjoy Lemoncake’s Question 9, which is: What keeps you awake at night in the run-up to an event? 

The answers to that simple, engagingly personal question – more than any of the others - have helped us to identify the true challenges people face as they strive for continual improvement in the delivery of stimulating, motivational live events. 

Typical middle-of-the-night-mares involve the failure of audio-visual components (we always provide back-ups for sensitive items); pinch-points caused by a shortage of in-house resources (flexible, experienced additional resource is our stock-in-trade); registration mechanics and suitable staffing (that’s a Lemoncake speciality too); managing and coaching VIP presenters (we look after, coach and reassure your top people) and making sure that large-group overnighting guests all have the accommodation they were expecting (Lemoncake’s attention to detail and booking procedures ensures there’s no angry scenes at check-in). 

And if you’d like to share your own unique and insightful responses to Question 9, we’d be delighted to hear them – and be pleased to respond. 

Thank you. And have a good night!