Awards and Rewards

If you’re running corporate events, you already recognise the immeasurable value of face-to-face communication and the engagement opportunities with your audience that this engenders. 

Despite the creeping intervention of social media into our daily and working lives, we thankfully haven’t yet lost sight of the fact that a live event still provides the most effective platform for imparting feel-good factors to large groups with force, impact and – most importantly, memorability. 

In this context, a company’s Annual Conference is often used as a platform for gathering management and staff together (and in the now clichéd but still highly relevant words of most key event objectives) - to inform, to motivate and to enthuse. 

Increasingly, live events such as these also contribute to an overall staff retention strategy – where it’s recognised that keeping good people working within your organisation is as important as growing your customer base. 

A detailed study commissioned by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) looked into work attitudes in the UK and found that many factors - such as companionship with colleagues and recognition from senior management – outweighed salary as primary motivators. 

Therefore, it’s a logical, interpersonal, philanthropic and cost-effective means of reward and recognition to stage an event for a group of people whose only true common interest originally stemmed from their choice of employer. 

Thus, through the medium of the live event, team spirit is catalysed, encouraged and nurtured; rallying calls to action are made; synergies are stimulated and fulfilment is achieved when the audience realise that the whole of the organisation to which they belong really is greater than the sum of its parts. 

But is a day’s worth of speechifying or a morning’s worth of PowerPoint (no matter how creatively delivered) really going to fulfil all your objectives and achieve that all-important return on investment? 

Yes, a networking lunch coupled, perhaps, with the stimulus of an exhibition is going to encourage the vital esprit du corps alongside the corporate messaging, but is this all enough to really, truly reach out and tickle the tingle-points that lurk latent beneath our individual corporate personas? 

So, given that a pay-rise or bonus won’t necessarily fully fulfil, then maybe it’s time to reward and recognise individual and collective contributions – a thank-you gesture for their 

commitment, hard work, dedication, loyalty and endurance will always be well-received, with peer-group recognition adding traction in spades. 

And since you’ve already expended energy, resource and budget to stage the Conference, (and your delegates have done likewise to attend) so the prospect of offering them some serious added value at the end of the day will reap exponential benefits for them – and the business. 

Awards and recognition events can take many different forms – a glitzy black-tie dinner held in a ‘destination’ venue coupled with overnight accommodation would provide the ultimate thank you – and if it’s added onto an existing Conference, then the venue, the resources and the infrastructure are already in place and will be tweakable to provide the glitz and glamour at only incremental cost. 

Alternatively, a stand-alone Awards or recognition event needn’t be an evening do. With a limited budget, a lunchtime event can be just as effective – and although many clients may stage these ‘in-house’ – a certain uplift accrues if a ‘special’ external venue can be found. 

As an added incentive, the ‘Awards’ don’t need complex or lengthy nomination periods or procedures. A recent Lemoncake event saw senior management simply selecting five exemplary employees; short, vox-pop video clips were shot in their workplaces and each Employee was then acknowledged with a brief appearance onstage to collect a trophy during a canape reception for customers and staff. This engaging and cost-effective networking opportunity clearly demonstrated the company’s ongoing commitment to its employees and – by extension - to its growing customer base. 

So the message is simple. Don’t overlook the exponential value which can be gained from adding Awards or Recognition events into your business strategy. Reward yourself by talk to people – like Lemoncake - who know how to deliver effective Awards packages which will make your life easier and provide cost-effective, creative solutions with long-lasting positive outcomes.