We were pleased to be able to tap into Lemoncakes’ expertise to help us create such a hugely successful event and much of the feedback included the phrase ‘best-ever’ – so we’d be delighted to continue building our relationship to ensure the success of future events.
— Managing Director


As one of the UK’s most innovative estate agency groups, the prestigious Westminster Park Plaza overlooking the Houses of Parliament was deemed fitting for Spicerhaart's Annual Awards Conference, which combined a mix of business presentations, awards and entertainment. 

Even though the event was to take place during the day, a black-tie theme was suggested together with a silver-served three course lunch. 

To raise the profile of the event, we secured comedian Jimmy Carr as Awards Host – using autocue to help him deliver a unique introduction to each winner in turn – providing comedy and entertainment throughout the session as well as being photographed with each Winner as they received their Awards.

To bring the event to an exciting climax a troupe of break-dancers performed live on stage along side a video to launch Miami as the Incentive Destination, and reveal a gleaming white Audi A5 as the top motivational prize for Spicerhaart’s star performer. 

As a final send off for the enthused and motivated audience, the nearby Opal Bar was transformed into Club Spicerhaart for the remainder of the evening, allowing everyone to mix, mingle and celebrate their successes.